B-4 is a founder and coordinator of the Subcarpathian Light and Ultralight Aviation Cluster (Podkarpackie Powiązanie Kooperacyjne Klastra Lotnictwa Lekkiego i Ultralekkiego - PPK) wchich operated since 2008 and associates 39 members both from Poland and abroad.

Within the cluster activities:

  • 14 technologies were implemented,
  • 3 industrial designs (community trade designs) were registered,
  • 107 prototypes, products and half products were developed,
  • 6 new products and technologies were launched,
  • the Flight Operation that trains aviation personnel was appointed.

We are currently working on a few new and innovative solutions for aviation sector, among others, on stationary and portable light and ultralight flight simulator engaging internet and 3-D technology.

Within the framework of the cluster's activity thanks to the projects financed by the EU funds, the following actions were executed, with a total value of nearly 20 million PLN:

  • Construction of a research and development facility with office space located next to the Krosno airport
  • Equipping the facility with specialized devices and tools - creation of a modern machinery park. All members of the cluster have access to the premises and technical resources of the facility.
  • Ecological power supply - most of the energy used in the facility is powered by photovoltaic panels
  • Joint innovation activities of cluster members - creation of a motor glider prototype with a pneumatic motor
  • Joint innovation activities of cluster members - development of engine stand and prototype of an airport vehicle for transport and refueling motor gliders
  • Joint Innovation - Stationary flight simulator for light and ultralight aircrafts using Internet solutions and 3D technology
  • Environmentally-friendly, pneumatic propulsion systems for ultralight aviation. A range of training projects for the aerospace and aviation industry

Main areas of cooperation between cluster members:

  • Technology transfer between entrepreneurs
  • Common products and intermediate products
  • Common design concepts
  • Joint projects for the internationalization of cluster activities. cooperation with the Croatian Adriatic Maritime Cluster
  • Joint applications in international competitions [e.g. Horizon 2020]

The Subcarpathian Aviation Cluster is a founder-member of the Subcarpathian Technology Platform (Podkarpacka Platforma Technologiczna) since 2012. The platform supports R&D and commercialization of research as well as development and implementation of new technologies in transportation, IT and renewable energy.

As of 23rd June 2017 our Innovation Center has been accredited by the Ministry of Development for the provision of consulting services for innovation and innovation support services.

We encourage companies from all over Poland to use our services in terms of development and implementation of innovative products or processes of technological character realized within the National Smart Specialization framework.

Research & development center of B-4
Office: ul. Zagłoby 7b, 35-304 Rzeszów
R&D: ul. Żwirki i Wigury 17, 38-400 Krosno

e-mail: cbr@b4.org.pl

tel. (+48) 17 778 85 91
tel. (+48) 731 998 568
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